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Consulting our homeopathic experts at our clinic is unique and different from a regular consultation with other medical specialists. The average time required for your first consultation with our homeopath may range from 15-45 minutes. This first consultation usually helps doctors understand what exactly you are suffering from and how homeopathy can help you.



During the consultation, our homeopathy experts understand the problem for which you have approached them. They will also enquire about any other health problems like your emotion, power, anger, depression and mental sock etc. They will ask questions related to your past history, family history, details of your previous treatments and their outcome. In order to find out the cause of your sufferings they will study your previous consultation reports and conduct a physical examination.



Homeopathic medicines act by stimulating your body’s natural healing power through your immune and nerves system. Homeopathic treatment is short, rapid, gentle and permanent nemoral of diseases without any side-effects. The medicines can be used for any complaint you may be suffering, provided your symptoms exactly match with the symptoms that the remedy is capable of producing on a healthy person. It doesn’t have to mix with your blood to begin its action.

More Details

We belife that everyone has right to know about ourselves,
We also respect their interests, so that we have tried to show our all informations. If you wanna know more details about our company, our qualifications, experiences, treatment systems - whatever we sliped from your desired information, please call us.

Our Treatment Success

We don't wanna say that our treatment success is 100% achieved, but we can tell you will get better anti-iotic power than before. But you have to be maintain perfectly as our instruction. Whatever, to see our all year success rate please click below.

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Many of our patients belives that we gave them proper treatment. Some of those honorable patients, we have tried to show at our website, who maximum patients are living at Dhaka city. To see our all year success rate please click below.

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Medicine Quality

The "Homeo Natural Health" always promise to give 100% qualitiful medice to our patients. We provide the pure Germenian and American medicine. You may think that we are getting more fees, actual facts are trying to ensure qualitiful treamtment.

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Our Story

About Images

A young couple for Self-Humanity services (Kalaroa of Satkhira in 2002) established a special medical service center known as "Humeo Natural Health" on a special ideology and modernization policy.

At the beginning time, the automated system of homeopathic software, their own merit and mindset helps to get quick response from local people. All types of people were seen the hope light by them. Even those who are suffering after-below poverty level, they also get huge support from them, which make them as brand in local people.

At that time one-day local Deputy Commissioner and his wife comes at chamber for treatment and they encourage them to spread the chamber’s activities at Satkhira district headquarter.

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