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Company Profile

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A young couple for Self-Humanity services (Kalaroa of Satkhira in 2002) established a special medical service center known as "Humeo Natural Health" on a special ideology and modernization policy.

At the beginning time, the automated system of homeopathic software, their own merit and mindset helps to get quick response from local people. All types of people were seen the hope light by them. Even those who are suffering after-below poverty level, they also get huge support from them, which make them as brand in local people.

At that time one-day local Deputy Commissioner and his wife comes at chamber for treatment and they encourage them to spread the chamber’s activities at Satkhira district headquarter.

The head office of "Homio Naturagal Health" was set up in 2003 alongside the New Market of Satkhira City.

After the improvement, the head office of "Homeopathic Health" was shifted to Uttara in Dhaka city early 2017. But the medical center of Satkhira city is also running still now by the couple.

The head office was small at initial stage, but it is an organization of human love and self-reliance.

Benefits of Homeo Natural Health-

  1. First aid of any diseases,
  2. Quick control of acute and virus-related diseases and immediate treatment,
  3. Appendicitis, Tonsillitis, Pneumonia and any painful medical treatment,
  4. Any pain, arthritis, old traumatic pain, Arthritis paralysis, pain due to spinal cord disorders or increased treatment of migraine sinusitis and gastric pain,
  5. Diabetics, High Pressure and Hormonal Problems and Long-Term Treatment,
  6. Allergy, Asthma, Cold-Cold, Cough, Anemia, Thalassemia's Fast Control and Long-Term Treatment,
  7. Any type of tumor, cyst, polyp piles, acill, birthdate and acne permanent treatment,
  8. Stretch, excess hair follicles, Being Balky / Fatly, Sexually Week and Illness Permanent Treatment,
  9. Extra anger, insistence, fear, loss of memory, lack of attention, not understanding of reading, despondency of aggression, suspense tendency, treatment of aptitude,
  10. Autism, ADHD, Bipolar disease, Schizophrenia, all psychiatric disorders, including madness.

Our Expertise

Treatment Solution
80% Complete (success)
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Treatment Experience
80% Complete (success)
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Our Environment

Clinical Environment
Dhaka Office
House- 15, Road - 34, Sector - 7,
Uttara, Dhaka.

+88 01727 035 044

Available Time:
11 AM - 2 PM, 5 PM - 9 PM

Closed -
Thursday Evening & Friday Morning

Satkhira Office
Near Karim Super Market,
Kamal Nagar, Satkhira.

+88 01715 403 824

Available Time:
9 AM - 8 PM
Sunday & Monday (Fortnightly)